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I like making things…..

The Conjurer


A mixed media piece.  Watercolour painting for the hands, with the light source added digitally, post painting completion.  The hands are all watercolour, they’ve not been tweaked.  I had the digital element in my head at the concept stage, so I had to envision the ball within the piece while painting.  A fun image to produce, nothing more than a play around with materials really, but hopefully a success.

Darkest Knight


I received a ‘package’ containing a sizeable amount of watercolour paints, brushes, pencils etc.  They belonged to my late Granddad, and I’ve been wanting to play with paint for a while.  A friend suggested watercolour to compliment my pencil drawings (as a good entry way into painting again) and with the sudden acquirement of his kit it just seemed like too good an opportunity to ignore.

Here it is, my first painting.  More will surely follow, but I’m very happy with this debut.


Coming Friday…


Coming Friday, without fail I promise.  You’ll get the whole backstory then, but for now you just need to know that I got paints, and this illustration makes me super happy.

Stippling under way

Work started on a new illustration. The time it’ll take to finish is a little unknown. Hoping to complete ASAP, as I’ve got a good feeling about this one!


Intergalactic Outlaw



Finally finished and scanned my copic marker attempt.  I wanted something with solid shapes and tones, and after re-watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer I decided that Peter Quill/Starlord in his mask was a decent muse.  The piece was drawn in pencil, then copic markers (6 different shades including the black, which was tightened up using an indian ink pen) were applied working from light to dark.  I felt a small amount of colour was needed, and the mask’s eyes seemed a logical choice.  Not an awful effort.  I may experiment some more at another time.

Coming soon…to a galaxy near you


I finally bought some grey tone copic markers. There are some amazing artists out there who know how to use them superbly, and I would love to add this ‘tool’ to my armoury as well. Just got to master them first. This piece should be done in a week or so.



My Venom piece, all done and dusted.  Pencil work with digital colouring on top.  The original, finished, pencil drawing is below.



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