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Vector WIP


Starting a new vector based piece.  I like to think I know photoshop pretty well (thanks to my job), but I’m always developing new ideas, and working on photos, rather than creating an illustration from scratch is a good way to test my knowledge.  You can easily guess what this image centres around.  I can’t promise WIP pics but we’ll see/try.  This is the very first, flat shape, stage.

My Little Star-Lord


Who didn’t enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy this summer?  I’m a pretty avid comic fan, and purveyor of all things geeky in general, and this film ticked all the right boxes.  Couldn’t resist drawing something from it, and decided to combine this with some practice in using copic markers.  What you see above is the final image.  This was a hand drawn and rendered piece, using pencil and markers on watercolour paper to help absorb the ‘wet’ nature of the medium.  I’m happy with the result, and I’m starting to get the hang of digital colouring, and tonal work, on top of traditional mediums.  The original, scanned drawing is below.


Under way

A new drawing under way. Plugging away intermittently at it, but I’ll post progress images as it develops.

Illustration Challenge Submission

Natalie Portman; "Evey", V for Vendetta

Natalie Portman; “Evey”, V for Vendetta

Another attempt at portraiture, as part of an illustration challenge between myself and a co-worker.  These challenges are a good way for us both to focus on producing some work, whether it’s one piece or five, a simple sketch or a fleshed out piece.  I find that I’m led to working digitally more often than not, because of time, but I’m learning to embrace the medium’s workability and the aesthetic I gravitate to with it (this cartoon/graphic style) is a result of that, no doubt.

Path of the Warrior


“Path of the Warrior”, 12″x9″; pen and ink with digital colouring

Finally finished this piece.  Really happy with the final outcome.  A lot of times I draw something, with the intent of putting digital colours over the top but it never seems to come together, so as this one has worked out I am obviously thrilled.

Below is the finished pen and ink drawing, scanned in, to helpfully give some impression of the difference between the hand drawn stage and the digital finishing?  The drawing took about 3-4 hours, the digital colours about 1-2 on top of that.  At the bottom you can see a few of the additional colour schemes for the images (green was my personal choice so it got pride of place at the top.  The others are blue, crimson and yellow).

Untitled 2.tif

Untitled 2.tif

Emblem Design No.2

Another emblem/logo design, in the same style as the previous.  The last idea took on the shape of ‘clubs’ (from a deck of cards), and so I wanted to explore something with a red tinge.  The Hearts seemed a more challenging shape to play with, among the shadows and various levels within the design, and it allowed me to put a slightly more colourful emblem out there too.

Final "hearts" design

Final “hearts” design

Seeing as I’ve done clubs and hearts perhaps spades and diamonds should follow along too.  I can’t guarantee when, or if they will, but these emblems have served their purpose in teaching me a new style.  Incidentally, if you look at both this design and the clubs version, you’ll notice that the shadows are indeed asymmetrical.  This is because the ‘grading’ work was brushed in rather than using gradient fills layers.  I always felt it would look too clean and something a little rougher was always more appealing.

Greyscale version

Greyscale version

One of a few things in progress


I’ve a couple of images and ideas in progress, but thought this one deserved some screen time. Another bird, pen on paper.


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