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Armoured Batman practiceĀ 

Another go at the technique used in the last illustration.  Threw in a small colour element this time around.  I had to draw the armoured Batman after the 2nd BvS: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped. 

Monarch of Planet X

A little illustrative ditty from Sunday night.  I really didn’t think it’d turn out this well, and the greyscale aesthetic really works. 

Revisit – digital painting

One thing I enjoy is revisiting old work, when you’ve learnt a new technique, or your ‘style’ (whatever that means) has evolved.  This was a large pencil sketch that I’ve attacked with some digital painting ideas.


A more elegant weapon, for a more civilised age


210x148mm (A5), acrylic paint on canvas. 

Canvas in progress


A new painting well underway.  I’m still, unashamedly, amateur when it comes to working with acrylic paint, but I definitely enjoy the learning process of it.  

The Dark Crystal paintingĀ 

Here is my finished painting of the Dark Crystal (of Jim Henson fam).  It was conceived as a small gift for somebody.  I’ve caught the painting bug a little. 

This piece is 8″x6″, acrylic paint on canvas board. 


Painting 95% done

I’ve recently attacked a small canvas, to create a painting for a gift for somebody.  This little teasing shot is simply to show off the textures.  Hope you enjoy it?  A photograph of the completed painting will appear towards the end of the week.  



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