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Lunchtime Practise

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 14.13.10

Something I’ve had on the computer for a while that I’ve been wanting to use, but never found the right way to do so.  Used it for some digital painting/drawing practise over my lunch break.

In Falcem Speramus


Here’s a branding project I just completed for a hockey (field hockey) touring side.  The concept was based around one guy, as it was his team, and the fact it doubled up as a stag do of sorts for him as well.  The logo is due to be printed on shirts, and beanie hats (it’s cold where they went) so some more pictures of the branding in placement will follow.  This project was a nice one to do, partly for the commercial element and working for a client, but also working digitally.  It’s nice to flex various muscles when given the opportunity to. I must admit, a branding project was really really fun!

A big step…

So, one thing I’ve been afraid to do is take a leap, where drawing is concerned.  I’d never have turned down the chance to draw something for somebody if asked or work with people if the offer came up, but I always waited, never instigated such things.  Now I’m putting myself out there.  I’m taking on commissions as of………..NOW!  This is a new venture for me.  If you, or someone you know wishes to commission me please shout.  Friendly advice is also appreciated.

You can get in touch by email (, through Instagram, Behance, or even Facebook.

Fresh off the printer


My Pan’s Labyrinth illustration just came off the printer.  A big thank you to Touch Digital, whose printing services are truly exceptional.  Working towards an end product really gave me new life when drawing and illustrating.  This may be the way to go?

Stippled Faun 

Here it is!  The finished illustration.  

Obviously this is a tribute to Guillermo Del Toro’s film, Pan’s Labyrinth.  While I really like the aesthetic of the image in this completed stage I also think there is perhaps another level somewhere?  Possibly as a print?  

Almost there


I’ve been really busy of late, so finding time to finish this off has been quite scarce.  Not wanting to ‘burn out’ and start hating this piece I’ve begun working in stages to help keep the buzz.  

If anybody is interested I now have an Instagram account, which I’ll be using for constant WIP updates.  Check me out at @adam_john_cook.


More progress

A few more hours put into this one.  I’ve got a few ideas for new pieces, but trying to finish this before starting too many others.  


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