The Illustration work of Adam Cook

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Mister Dressup design

Sorry, this blog’s been neglected of late, but I’ve been busy I promise.  The best thing lately, I’ve done, has been to produce a tshirt for the online brand, Mister Dressup. 

You can find my tshirt here in both men’s and women’s styles.  The design was custom created for this project and is below.  The shirt is available from November 16th – December 31st. 



Colour rework

A digital colour reworking of an old pencil sketch.  The completed piece is ready for printing. 

The Lost Explorer


NEW illustration completed.  Hand drawn in pen.  Process shots of this can be found on my instagram account.  Please throw me a follow if you wish to see regular snippets of what I’m drawing.

Armoured Batman practice 

Another go at the technique used in the last illustration.  Threw in a small colour element this time around.  I had to draw the armoured Batman after the 2nd BvS: Dawn of Justice trailer dropped. 

Monarch of Planet X

A little illustrative ditty from Sunday night.  I really didn’t think it’d turn out this well, and the greyscale aesthetic really works. 

Revisit – digital painting

One thing I enjoy is revisiting old work, when you’ve learnt a new technique, or your ‘style’ (whatever that means) has evolved.  This was a large pencil sketch that I’ve attacked with some digital painting ideas.


A more elegant weapon, for a more civilised age


210x148mm (A5), acrylic paint on canvas.