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A more elegant weapon, for a more civilised age


210x148mm (A5), acrylic paint on canvas. 

Canvas in progress


A new painting well underway.  I’m still, unashamedly, amateur when it comes to working with acrylic paint, but I definitely enjoy the learning process of it.  

The Dark Crystal painting 

Here is my finished painting of the Dark Crystal (of Jim Henson fam).  It was conceived as a small gift for somebody.  I’ve caught the painting bug a little. 

This piece is 8″x6″, acrylic paint on canvas board. 


Painting 95% done

I’ve recently attacked a small canvas, to create a painting for a gift for somebody.  This little teasing shot is simply to show off the textures.  Hope you enjoy it?  A photograph of the completed painting will appear towards the end of the week.  


Things are now for sale!!

I have opened a society6 shop!  A couple of items are already up, with a few extras to follow in the next day or two.  I’m mostly focusing on art prints, and phone cases at this stage.  But if anybody has specific requests for certain items just let me know.  

You can find my shop at

Some rebranding fun

I’ve been having some fun, doodling, these small rebrands for a certain, fairly famous, school and its houses.  This is just one, but the final versions should be up within the week.  



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